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Long-Lasting Stonework Construction on Oahu, HI

Construct your home and its surrounding structures with durable, all natural products from Maika’i Masonry Contractor. We’re the premier stonework contractor on Oahu, HI. From patios and porch stairs to veneers, we use all-natural stone to build beautiful walls and solid foundations. 


Advantages to Stone Masonry

Not sure whether stone masonry is the right solution for you? Stone is a natural product that comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Since it’s naturally resistant to the elements, it’s the most durable material you can use to build outdoor structures or your home’s foundation. Interested in learning more? Call us today to get in touch with our stone masonry contractor.

  • Repair your existing stonework construction by calling our contractor. Our stone masonry contractor repairs stone walls, porches, and other structures with ease.
  • Create a stable environment for your plants by building a stone planter wall. Stone provides a durable solution that keeps your plants upright in hilled environments.
  • Spruce up your landscape with stonework construction. From stone walkways to porch staircases, we can customize the color and variety of stone to help you bring your vision to life.
  • Build a new mailbox with help from our stone masonry contractor. Stone mailboxes resist the weather and brunt force impacts, which will keep your mail safe and dry.
  • Get a free estimate on all of your stone masonry needs when you work with our company. You never have to worry about unexpected fees—from the very beginning, we ensure a complete rundown of labor and material costs.

Should You Invest in Stonework Construction?

Whether you decide to build a stone wall or concrete wall is up to preference. Stonework construction gives your home a natural feel and look, provides a durable foundation for other structures around the home, and more. There are also plenty of different stone mediums for added versatility.

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